Accountants & Advisors

Bespoke Business Brokers works closely with accountants and lawyers during the transactions we conduct, in order to ensure our clients are surrounded by good advice through the process.

Most of our clients will already have a long-term accountant relationship, and it is important they keep their accountant advised of their intention to sell and the fact they are working through a sale process.

Not every law firm is experienced with or the right fit for small to medium size business sale transactions, and we will often recommend law firms to our clients to ensure they engage the right firm for the type of transaction being contemplated.

Bespoke Business Brokers does not take referral fees as we protect our independence. We refer clients to other advisors based on the expertise of those firms, and to help ensure the client has a successful transaction. This is why professional, experienced accountants and lawyers like working with us.

If you are an accountant or lawyer and your client needs assistance with selling a business, one of our principal Directors would be pleased to speak with you. Contact Us. You can also watch our video testimonials.


  • You are dealing with highly experienced business broker principals who guide clients through a professional end-to-end sale process.
  • We are happy to meet your clients together with you to have a joint discussion about your client’s objectives.
  • We are able to provide market appraisal reports for the clients of accountants at the pre-planning stage – for example when a client might be working towards a sale a year or two in advance. To learn how we can assist with a comprehensive market appraisal report on your client’s business, contact us.
  • We understand how to complete complex transactions in a multitude of industries, including manufacturing, services, freight and transport, eCommerce, technology, trades, multi-site retail, healthcare, distribution, import / export, warehousing and more.


  • We provide robust briefs on the commercially negotiated deal so that you have all the required information to draft a contract or deed of sale.
  • We don’t create binding agreements between sellers and buyers before the deal reaches your desk – that is your role. We will provide a non-binding Expression of Interest or offer documentation which remains subject to all of the detailed terms of a final contract or deed of sale.·      
  • We are direct, transparent and efficient to work with, and we take a collaborative approach to working with you to help the client achieve their strategic exit from their business.